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Georgie Wadsworth

Georgie Wadsworth


For this weeks WONDER WOMEN WE KNOW we speak to @georgies_kitchen.

Georgie is a Private Chef for HNW clients, specialising in Diet and nutrition in London and abroad.

1. Go to Happy Hour drink?


2. What’s one item you have to take in every handbag?

@elizabetharden 8 hour cream.

3. What are your top self-care tips?

Remember to keep some time to yourself to pamper and practise gratitude.

4. What are you reading, watching, listening to?

Reading: Queenie by @candicec_w.

Watching: Million Dollar Beach House.

Listening: @callherdaddy.

5. What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Enjoy life in the present, time goes so quickly.

6. What advice would you give to other women trying to get into/working in your industry?

You have to be so strong both mentally and physically, and be able to think quickly and act fast.

7. What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Balancing work and life, the job takes hard work and dedication.

8. What drives you?

People’s happiness when they taste a dish they truly love.

9. Who inspires you?

@marthastewart48 and @mrsalice, they are the queens of entertaining!

10. What’s next for you?

I would love to start designing my own range of kitchen and tableware.

11. What’s your favourite Stone & Mason product?

My Blue Lagoon Stamford Bag!

12. How do you style your Stone & Mason?

Colour co-ordinated with a blue outfit, either dressed up or down.

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