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Chessie King

Chessie King


For this weeks WWWK, we speak to Chessie King. Chessie is a presenter, influencer and author of Be Your Own Best Friend. She has become an inspiration to so many people due to her honest and open attitude to life with her realistic, unedited imaged and body confidence posts.

1. Go to happy hour drink?

A cold glass of rosè and if it’s really hot, a frosè!

2. What’s one item you have to take in every handbag?

It used to be some sort of makeup but being with Mat for 4 years has meant I end up carrying around insulin pens – type 1 diabetic wife life!

3. What are you reading, watching, listening to?

Reading – ‘Feminists Don’t Wear Pink’, again! @feminists

Watching – Euphoria – can’t get enough of it.

Listening to – HONNE, on max volume. @hellohonne

4. What are your top self-care tips?

Give your brain some much needed space & delete Instagram off your phone at least once a week for however long you need to – if it’s not on your home screen your thumbs won’t habitually tap on to it. Use that time offline to explore, to experiment, to evolve.

5. What advice would you give to teenage you?

Give yourself as much time & love as you give to everyone else.

6. What’s your favourite Stone & Mason product?

I adore the orange carnelian with the gold chain strap – it’s bold, fiery & it brightens up any winter wardrobe.



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