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Aindrea Emelife

Aindrea Emelife


For this weeks WONDER WOMEN WE KNOW we speak to @aindrealondon.

Aindrea is an Art Writer, Curator and Broadcaster.

1. Go to Happy Hour drink?

A glass of champagne after a busy day is that particular make of jubilance. It can make the most mundane day a celebration.

2. What’s one item you have to take in every handbag?

My phone. That’s obvious – aside from the essentials I feel lost without a little silk scarf in my bag. So versatile – in the hair, around the bag, as a choker or bracelet… instant outfit elevation.

3. What are your top self-care tips?

Talking to friends on the phone. Memes of dogs doing silly things. Working out daily.

4. What are you reading, watching, listening to?

I am listening to Bonnie Greer’s In Search of Black History on Audible. The conversation about Blackness is so important and exciting; I’m enjoying exploring my own identity and history. I listen to the @talkart podcast with obsession; and was elated to have been interviewed for an episode coming out soon. In between academia, I am listening to @chloexhalle new album Ungodly Hour for upbeat girl power and @massiveattackofficial Mezzanine album to transport me to another world.

5. What advice would you give to your teenage self?

There is light at the end of the tunnel. The world is not against you. You’re stronger than you think. Everything will work out better than you ever imagines. Don’t focus on what others think of you. Boys are less interesting than art. Wine is poetry.

6. What advice would you give to other women trying to get into/working in your industry?

Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t ask don’t get. Asking for help isn’t a weakness. Look at your inspiration; study them, their path, and carve your own. Identify what is special about what you bring to the table and make it your ‘thing’.

7. What’s been your biggest challenge?

Overcoming my own self doubt. I have big big dreams; and often feel they are unreachable. I’m still so giddy when I get a ‘yes’. I lead with confidence but think being humble is also important. Realising my imagining can be fashioned into real life is a challenge; now im basically there.

8. What drives you?

My dreams. There’s a beautiful excitement seeing something you’ve daydreamed and mused on come to life in front of your very eyes. Like a de ja vu. Those ‘pinch me am I dreaming?’ moments are addictive. That, and the encouragement and enjoyment of those who experience my curatorial works and writings. The emails and comments and opinions (whether contrary or otherwise) spur me on to no end!

9. Who inspires you?

My friends. They are all achieving incredible things in art, film, tech, music, theatre… I’m so lucky to have incredible friends who believe in me, show up and stick by me. Friends are magic. I’m also inspired by @thelmagolden, the director of @studiomuseum in Harlem, who perfectly balances being one of the most important curators in art history, supporting creative black talent and being impeccably dressed at all times.

10. What’s next for you?

I’ve had a whirlwind few weeks after publishing my latest article (Link in Bio) in @the.independent about how the art world can step up for @blklivesmatter. I have a lot of articles coming out soon, am working on three incredible curatorial projects for the upcoming months and some in 2021. I have a lot of plates spinning but things are certainly gaining speed and I am enjoying every moment.

11. What’s your favourite Stone & Mason product?

The Stamford Bag in Blueberry or Jade Green. Especially with the kit. The modern women needs basically everything at hand – artillery for girls on the go.

12. How do you style your Stone & Mason?

With my signature running around look – cream polo neck, navy pleated skirt, white tennis shoes with the rucksack straps because a girl needs two hands to grab life by the balls.

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