Look After me

Taking Care of Me


Although all of our bags are made of high quality leather, it is only natural that over time your bag or strap will age and imperfections or creases may develop. To help this from occurring, keep away from heat and direct sunlight, as well as water and when not using your product, keep it in its dust bag or a box.



Any fluffy straps are made using toscana which is a type of shearling. If you want to clean these products, we recommend taking them to a specialist dry cleaners as furs can react differently to dry cleaning and it can affect the look of the fur. Try to avoid getting your toscana straps wet as the fur can tend to curl, but if you do, we recommend shaking out any excess water, then brushing with a comb until dry.



Always try to keep any hardware on your product dry and clean. Do not use solvents or abrasives when you do clean your pieces and only use a dry soft cloth.


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