Mother and Daughter, Susan and Holly have a background in Fashion, Susan within design and Holly within Sales and Marketing, leading to the perfect combination to create Stone & Mason. Having always had a close relationship, they wanted to create something together and develop a brand that would be cross-generational.



Mother/daughter duo, and co-founders of Stone & Mason, Susan and Holly, came up with the brands’ concept after forever changing their handbags to match different outfits and finding themselves constantly missing something – hair a mess before a date and suddenly remember your combs in your other bag, allergies playing up and not a tissue in sight, garlic at lunch and no mints for the aftermath, button falls off your shirt before that meeting and of course no safety pin anywhere. We could go on and on, but that’s where Stone & Mason comes in…practical, playful and always personal – everything you need in one place.

Pick your bag, pick your straps, pick your kit and even personalise. It’s totally up to you how you do yours.

We’ve created 3 “Kits”, The Constant Companion; for your everyday, The Dirty Stop Out; for those stride of pride mornings, and The Glamper Revamped; for the ultimate festival goer.

But let’s not forget the bag itself. With ethically sourced leathers and shearling, luxury in quality, colourful, cool and let’s face it pretty cute, they work for any occasion or age. The beautiful colours and contemporary design reflect the brands, fun and functional aesthetic. Use the belt strap to create a bum bag for a festival, the wristlet strap to make the bag a clutch for the evening, add the shoulder straps to make it a rucksack on your commute, it’s up to you how you wear it.



All Stone & Mason bags and straps are made of beautiful Italian and Spanish leathers, and handcrafted by skilled leather workers in Spain. Our factory is dedicated to small accessories, and in turn is able to produce beautifully detailed products with a luxury finish.

Susan and Holly have carefully thought about every design aspect, even developing their own hardware, with specific functionality for their products and guaranteeing complete originality.


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